Incubating New Life-Science Technologies.

Welcome to NeoLife Technologies

NeoLife Technologies (NLT), a branch of consulting firm van Essche & Associates, is a business incubator specialized in the life sciences. We represent scientists, engineers and other inventors that have anything from ideas through prototypes to fully developed products, and work with them to create and grow flourishing businesses, or maximize return from their intellectual property through sale, licensing and other methods.  


NLT provides practical advice to determine how a new idea or invention might best be deployed, whether through new business creation, partnership, licensing or sale. Protection of the inventor's intellectual property and maximization of benefit are the drivers.


Bringing investors and inventors together: NLT has a strong network of funding sources ready to invest in worthwhile ideas and technologies. NLT will develop a solid business plan and represent inventors to angel investors, venture capital firms, banks and other sources of capital. 


NLT represents new ideas and businesses in the energy, agri-tech, bio-tech, pharmaceutical, food-science and related spaces. Our staff include scientists and engineers with decades of experience, and several boast inventions of their own. See investor page for portfolio examples.


NLT works with a number of trusted partners that include intellectual property lawyers, consultant engineers and scientists, financial advisors, marketeers, designers, media consultants, business managers and other specialists. All are well known to NLT and have stellar track records. 

Intellectual Property.

Countless heartbreaking stories exist of brilliant inventors who have failed to register, protect and exploit their ideas properly and in a timely fashion, resulting in enormous loss of opportunity and revenue. NLT works with inventors to secure their rights and ensure that any future venture is based on solid legal ownership of intellectual property. Without these vital steps, success will always be elusive.

Business Development. 

NLT works with clients who wish to commercialize their products, for the first time or in new markets. Services include marketing, identification and negotiation of distribution agreements, as well as direct sales and logistics during a start-up phase. Again, NLT's strong network plays to the client's advantage.

Protect and Leverage Your Ideas and Inventions!

Contact us now by emailing for discrete and confidential advice on how to proceed with your life-science invention. Protection of our clients' rights is foremost in our minds: after implementation of strict Non-Disclosure Agreements, we will work to ensure that no-one can make false claim to or exploit your invention. Once protected, we will help leverage that IP to the best possible effect.